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Nick’s Testimonial

“My name is Nick and I’m a recovering heroine addict.  Came to Hastings, Nebraska, ten months ago, after another trip through rehab.  I was lucky enough to have the unity house be available to me.  The Unity House since then has provided me a chance to get on my feet and learn some tools on how ... More »

Melissa’s Story

“I had been in jail and was facing the possibility of serving 20 years in federal prison for a drug charge”… Listen to Melissa’s Story


Chris has been in our recovery programs and has had a transformational experience.  Chris says, “But I think my overall experience at Horizon has been one of enlightenment to who I am as a person”… Listen to Chris’ Story


My name is Tyler, I’ve been with Horizon for about five and a half months. January first, I got my fourth offense DUI. Huge wakeup call, so I spent an uncomfortable night in jail… Listen to Tyler’s Recovery Story


My name is Beth. I came into the Horizon recovery and counseling center through the Central Nebraska drug court program back in May of last year. I’ve been an addict since I was ten years old, I started out with drinking, I tried marijuana, a few painkillers… Listen to Beth’s Recovery Story