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Relapse Prevention

The thirty four-week Relapse Prevention Program is for individuals who have either had previous treatment experiences or who have maintained a minimum of 6 months of sobriety/clean time through CR/AA/NA involvement but have failed to maintain long-term sobriety. Clients are required to meet individually with the counselor for the first twelve weeks of treatment and bring their CR/AA/NA sponsor in for a conference. Additional individual sessions will be scheduled during the remainder of the program.  Clients will attend a 1.5 hour relapse prevention group weekly for the entire 34 weeks.  During treatment, clients will explore their relapse cycles, gain understanding of their relapse warning signs, complete values clarification, and develop a personalized relapse prevention checklist.  Clients will also be required to attend a minimum of three CR/AA/NA meeting per week and complete all 12 steps of the CR/AA/NA program prior to graduating from the program.