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Traditional Intensive Outpatient


This eight-week Intensive Outpatient Program meets three times a week for three hours and is designed for individuals who have experienced repeated problems with their alcohol or other drug use and have been demonstrating signs and symptoms of chemical dependency.  In addition, clients will be required to meet individually with their counselor on a weekly basis.  AA/NA/CR attendance is required at least twice a week. Clients will generally complete the first three steps of the AA/NA/CR program during the initial six-week program.  Clients are required to complete all 12 steps of the AA/NA/CR program prior to discharge from the six month aftercare/continuing care program.  The Traditional Intensive Outpatient program is for individuals who are at a variety of different stages in his/her journey of drug or alcohol recovery and are based on God as the individual may currently understand Him (as presented in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous).