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Sober Living


Unity House Hastings Nebraska

Revive, Inc. operates four unity houses capable of housing up to 40 individuals in Hastings & Holdrege. Revive, Inc. provides clean, sober living space for individuals to live while participating in Revive, Inc. alcohol and drug rehabilitation and counseling treatment programs. Participants who stay in the housing program successfully for a minimum of six months then receive a rebate of $25 per month off their housing fee. Individual counseling sessions are an additional $25 per month charged to participants. Participants are charged a $300 housing fee per month. This fee covers cost of shelter services provide. Unlike other programs that increase rent as income increases, rental fees will not go up based on income, thereby allowing participants to save money while continuing to get treatment and counseling until they become financially stable enough to find affordable housing on their own. Revive, Inc. is currently developing a sponsorship program for those who would be unable to afford the normal fees. Revive, Inc. Board of Directors will employ full-time on-site staff to oversee this activity in cooperation with the Board of Directors.